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What can Connecting To Mozambique do for you?

The teams of Connecting To will help you make the connection for your business and your employees to get established in Mozambique.

  • Connecting to business: Advice and assistance to companies that wish to do business in Mozambique, by facilitating this process effectively and successfully;
  • Connecting to people: Advice and operational assistance relocating your employees to Mozambique.

Mozambique experts

Henk Son is responsible for our Mozambique team and has worked in the country for 30 years. He has set up, purchased, managed and sold several businesses there. We understand the challenges international businesses face in Mozambique. But we also know the opportunities the country offers. This makes Connecting To unique.
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Connecting To Mocambique

Connecting To Mocambique

Connecting To Mocambique


Since we are based in Mozambique already for 30 years, we are able to provide you with the best advice and support during the entire process, from the orientation and preparatory to the operational phases.

−Pauline Son-